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Who we are

JCDecaux has had a presence in Poland since 1999 through two subsidiaries: JCDecaux Airport Polska and JCDecaux Neonlight.
Today JCDecaux company is represented in Poland by three independent companies:


  • 1964:  JCDecaux invents the concept of street furniture, a global amenity and advertising revolution. JCDecaux progressively becomes number one worldwide in out-of-home advertising. Our history is one of trailblazing innovation. Visit our international website for more information.
  • 1964:  Founding of Claude Publicité S.A. in France, neon light services provider    
  • 1992:  Claude Publicité Polska establishes in Poland by Claude Publicité S.A.  
  • 1997:  Gigaboard Polska establishes in Poland.
  • 1999:  JCDecaux SA acquires HMC - Havas Media Communication (AP Systèmes, Claude Publicité S.A.)
  • 2000:  Claude Publicité Polska is incorporated into JCDecaux Group and starting from year 2000 Claude Publicité Polska becomes JCDecaux Neonlight Sp. z o.o.
  • 2014:  Thanks to its partnership with Gewista, JCDecaux offers large format and super-backlight advertising represented by Gigaboard Polska. Gewista is integrated in the JCDecaux Group at an international level. The French outdoor advertising company holds a majority share in Gewista of 67 per cent through JCDecaux Holding.

Fundamental values

We are dedicated to delivering the best out-of-home advertising and amenities. We are passionate about design, quality and great service.


JCDecaux is committed to delivering the best quality products maintained to the highest standards, fully considering their impact on urban life.

DESIGN. Adapted to cities and architecture.

Street furniture created by renowned designers and local architects integrates perfectly within the environment and the Group’s cleaning and maintenance services guarantee that a high-quality service is consistently delivered to clients.


JCDecaux allows clients to demonstrate their dedication to environmental causes by designing innovative campaigns based on the environment and sustainability

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. A constant adaptation to the customers needs.

Adhering to an internationally recognised responsible corporate ‘citizen’ approach
Protecting the environment: a priority for JCDecaux, a company that cares about developing products while caring for the environment
Constantly adapting to customers’ needs. JCDecaux Group supports its clients in improving their communications message and helps them to integrate sustainable development in their campaigns.
Citizenship values

ETHICS. At the base of our company.

JCDecaux’s Code of Ethics lays out the Group’s key values in a single document.
The Group has also set up an ethics committee to which employees may submit ethical issues. 

Relations with suppliers are also governed by a Suppliers Code of Ethics.