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Large format

Building strong relationships between key audiences and prominent brands is a core strength of our large format advertising.  Our big format locations situated only in urban centres or alongside main highways provide highest visibility, constant communication and awareness. Displays with large format convey brand message and make an unmissable impact allowing to tell their own story and enjoy an unmatched exposure.

Super Backlight 

Our offer includes the most prestigious super backlight (8x4m) advertising carriers located in the centers of the largest Polish cities and next to main communication routes. With the help of super backlights, our clients effectively reach the largest group of recipients in the most prestigious and effective form. Thanks to the most modern LED technology, each of our super backlights looks unique both during the day and at night.

Shopping Centers

Modern shopping centers are a social phenomenon and become increasingly attractive, entertaining, and user-friendly. Naturally, advertising has its place in shopping centres where brands, retailers, and consumers who are ready to buy can meet. Somewhere between architecture and design, the ambience at the site is crucial to providing that special moment that keeps visitors coming back. We work with leading Polish shopping mall landlords to develop, install and manage exceptional advertising opportunities.  The numbers are staggering: 94% of the adult population - visit a shopping center every month. Advertising makes sure that your products or services stand out when shoppers are evaluating their purchases.

Non-standard realizations

Non-standard realizations allow to create a unique way of exposing your brand. We offer a wide variety of non-standard advertising possibilities: technical novelties (3D solutions) which differntiate large format advertising, special events and brand presentations, ambient media as well as interactive advertising. Throughout the decades we built a large experience and portfolio of exceptional non-standard projects and still every year with our most daring customers we create more innovative advertising and promotional executions.

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