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Icons Neonlight

Strategic LocationKey city centre locations. Major traffic zones. Alongside main city arteries.
Outstanding visibilityVisible over long distances. A point of reference in the urban landscape.
High Quality audiencesPowerful and effective branding medium for car traffic and pedestrians.
High Memory ImprintLong-term system. Brand identification.
XXL surfaceA wide surface of expression for the brand.

Luminous advertisement

BRAND LIGHTING. Big brand in global cities.

The logos are the most important visual device of a brand. It carries the brand on its own and must be exactly the same everywhere. Develop Brand Awareness.
As a part of Out-of-Home (OOH), luminous advertisement with its unique light format  remains a major medium, which continues to offer the ability to reach a mass audience consequently and efficiently in a dense urban environment. 
Neonlight offers communication opportunity, touching audiences throughout their day and night.  Large format corporate advertisement is to strengthen the brand awareness via prestigious outdoor medium presented on the long-term basis in the city environment. 
An unbelievable medium for your brand communication.

Non-standard realizations

Creative Solutions. Unforgetable brand experiences enhancing the daily life.

JCDecaux delivers innovative and high-quality services, that enhance cities’ liveability every day. JCDecaux creates custom, unique and truly memorable campaigns, which offer real-life interaction between audiences and advertisers and build lasting consumer-brand relationships.
JCDecaux use innovative methods to deliver attention-grabbing campaigns across all environments. JCDecaux offer multi-dimensional, results-driven  communication that creates memorable interaction with your target audience in the real world.

Our services

ICONIC SITES. The Wow factor.

Achieving cut-through to capture and maintain attention in the busy and cluttered urban environment is a core challenge for advertisers. JCDecaux’s global offering of stand-out locations take campaigns to new heights by adding the “wow” factor to brand communication. Stand-out positioning of brands at these locations inevitably draws the visual attention of the audience and creates a positive emotional response, increases recall and boosts desirability of a product or brand. 

Benefit from exclusive and isolated displays positioned on major traffic roads and at the key city centre locations, major traffic zones and alongside main city arteries. Locations are chosen reaching the highest ranking of the attractivity considering the following criteria:

  • The position of the advert  towards the traffic (parallel, perpendicular)
  • The location’s visibility (visible over long distances)
  • The quality of the building, masking and visual pollution (luck of the advertising chaos)   
  • The daily car traffic data and audience (pedestrians)
  • The city zone (prestigious area) together with the location environment
Design and drawings

Five basic design of Neon advertising:

Production and maintenance

Rooftop signs , that  light up the city skyline are made of high quality materials with extremely precise design specifications. They are created by artists and architects in line with the city authorities demands. They integrate logo with a building design or façade. By fitting to exact rooftop and respecting the architecture of building the luminous adverts are encouraging high customer awareness on the long term system brand identification.


JCDecaux operates Neonlight activity, from the design of luminous advertisement to the commercialisation of advertising spaces, production od luminous device, installation, up keep and maintenance.
Our objective: to guarantee product quality over the long term while ensuring the relevant authorities' approval.​

Required permits:

  • a decision of The City Conservator of Monuments (for buildings entered into the Historical Monuments Registry)
  • an opinion of Aesthetic Departments of the City Architect
  • a planning permit of The City-Planning Office
  • any other permissions/arrangements if required


What can we do for you?

Joanna Sadowska General Manager JCDecaux Neonlight Sp. z o.o.